Where is the English version of Volume 5?

Up to now there was an English version of every German manga book. Why is it suddenly missing?

This is due to the current crisis situation we have and the delivery difficulties that are associated with it. With book 4 it happened far too often that the delivery companies could not deliver, packages were lost, never reappeared and I had to pay for the damage myself. The delivery abroad and in non-German speaking regions is currently associated with so much uncertainty that I had to decide with a heavy heart  😥 not to deliver the 5th English book. For me, of course, this means an insane financial collapse 😥 since the income of my English customers is now also missing in addition to my already very diminished income. But I would rather sacrifice my income than have to disappoint even one of you because a package that you are eagerly waiting for does not arrive.

What alternatives do my English readers have?

I’ve been publishing the manga in Early Access on Patreon for many years. There is always the current version of the manga for every donor and supporter to read before the public release. In addition, each patron gets their own icon, a mention in the Hall of Honor and weekly exclusive behind-the-scenes content. So if you want to read the manga in its entirety, feel free to do so online. I would be very happy because every new supporter is a huge help to me.

==> Become a Patron and read Book 5 and 6

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