Boju Mage

“Nobody knows where it is. Nobody knows how to find it. But everybody knows it exists.”


Another wonderful night without any sign of day. The sun is way too far away, as well as all of hope, and so many dreams, so many possibilities. Nobody gives any fucks about what happens now or later. What a wounderful night. You love these endless nights, when Collaps rises in front of Tune and Kl’thar 902. These are the nights where you have all time in the world to meditate about how the world came to be and how it’s propably ending sooner or later. You can smell the tears of thousands and the bitterness of millions, the hopes of billions and the open eyes of unbelievably many souls. It fills you with pleasure. You breathe in many emotions; pain, grief, hate, betrayal, lust, love. Nothing is better than warm bread directly out of the oven and the delicious sound of a heart breaking for the first time. This is it. The harmony of the world. What will you do tonight? Wander around in the endless nothing of space? Or will you question everything you know and find the answer right away? Or will you finally wash the dishes? I’m mean, come on. When was the last time you tidied the kitchen? I know how old the cheese in the fridge is. OLD!!! #Bojumage


Silence. Your only true friend and the only person you can accept besides yourself. Silence. Your one true love, your hope, your desire, your wife, your bride, your girlfriend with whom you betray the rest of this loud and annoying world. Words. So many words everywhere. Lies, opinions, persuasions, loud, loud, loud. They’re verywhere. On screen, on paper, in all kinds of media. Even the air is full of these meaningless loud words. All you want to do is feed your beloved wife with them. You live in a tower, higher than the highest mountain. The tip of your tower touches the exosphere. This is the only place where you can not hear a damn thing. You wish for a wordless world so hard, where everyone sees the true nature of nerve-wracking output. Where everybody uses only their eyes and fists to communicate. No hurt feelings, no misunderstandings, nothing LOUD!!! What will you do on this wonderful silent morning in your tower near the exosphere, where the air is clear, the temperature is low, where there is zero weather and where you have the feeling you can reach the stars when you just lean a little bit more over the handrail? Apparently, there is a lot of work to do. Your customers are busy and impatient. Oh look, right here, a penny. You found another one. Where do they actually come from?, you ask yourself. But well, work must be done. You always had a precise vision and a calm hand. From your tower, you have everyone in your view. Litteraly everyone. You decide to feed your beloved wife. #BoJuMage